Together with TURQUEBEC friendship association our foundation is helping to provide
shelter to those affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

Guy Major
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Alaattin Öztürk
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Welcome to
Little Bits of Good Foundation

We are a private foundation with headquarters based in Montreal. In early 2019 we registered an affiliate operating in Skopje, North Macedonia.

The foundation aims at improving the quality of life of destitute families and single mothers who struggle to support their children. We also offer financial assistance to people with special needs and disabilities who are unable to work and provide for themselves.

Since the beginning our foundation has been offering medical scholarships to high achieving and underrepresented students from the Skopje region at accredited medical schools. Without a doubt once they graduate they will contribute to improving the wellbeing of the communities they serve. Unfortunately, our foundation does not have resources to offer scholarships to those who choose to study humanities.

Motivi Center

The foundation has established three tutorial Centers in the poorer and more neglected neighborhoods of Skopje Over 400 girls and boys attend daily home work sessions and receive assistance in math and science from our 10 on duty tutors. Our enriched Arts and English programs have also been very attractive for the financially underprivileged, yet very talented children. Our annual art exhibition motivates the young artists to show their best paintings to proud parents and visitors. All three centers are open seven days a week and are always free of charge.

Ajna Fazliu, 14
Skopje, North Macedonia